#TeamsTuesday is here to bring you ideas, #tips&tricks how to adopt #Teams into work + info on #Teams . We’ll start with agreed set of rules of play, aka the #Playbook (what, why, when, where) , to ensure efficiency and getting benefits out of new practices. If you want to avoid communication chaos and frustration: make sure you get your Playbook to support your goals.

Playbook helps you understand, realize and verify efficiently the benefits of new working practices.

Topics to include into your set of rules to create a good Teams #Culture

  • Availability expectations: you can be there 24/7, but others are not
  • What is expected when you are at-mentioned or at-mention somebody?
  • Honoring the status (/dnd).
  • Task management and follow up: don’t drop the ball.
  • Announcements and news.
  • Teams vs Skype: what’s in Teams, what remains in Skype
  • Managing documents. It is not than just files in a channel
  • When and how you create new teams
  • The roles of other tools like Yammer

What falls out?

What remains?

What changes?

What would be the role of channel meetings in Teams? What is replaced with them?

What if I told you that use of Teams is not optional but a must-have?



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