Mixed meetings

Have you ever been to a mixed meeting where people write and draw to a flap board/whiteboard while some participants at the meeting room and some online? Have you been able to see anything they draw until they took a photo and sent an email? 


You can get around this issue in simple steps #Teams :

  1. One of the persons in meeting room join the Teams meeting also with his/hers phone. Note: you can do this simultaneously while being in the meeting with your computer
  2. When you join: turn off mic and speaker!
  3. Open video, flip camera to front camera
  4. Walk near flip board and use your phone to show people online what’s happening

This can be also used to focus the video on speaker, on objects on the table, or just to increase immersion to people attending online

This feature is on the upcoming list on Teams, so the usability might get even better. But you can use it already! #teamsisnotjustaboutchat

Another way to use phone is to stay in the meeting even when you need to transit to a new location. Just join the meeting with your phone, logout from your computer and you can participate on the go.

Do your peer and superiors know these tricks? No? Show these to them and let them discover benefits and values Teams + modern work brings to them!


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