Engaging your team

How do you engage and get your team started with #Teams #quickly and efficiently?

#TeamsTuesday got you a few best practices to start with:


Find out

  • What of your team’s work can be transferred to Teams easily? Consider communicating, working with files or notes,
  • #QuickStart: team internal emails, communications, files, memos and tasks

Agree with your team

  • Common rules of use with your team: what ends, what changes,
  • Let them know of benefits (#WIIFM), what you expect , how you expect them to use teams
  • Expectation management: response time, meaning on @mentions
  • That fun and lighter mood is ok (emojis, memes, gifs,..)

Provide and Demand

  • Ensure they know how to use Teams: Train, show examples, coach, hand out tips
  • Make sure they have working notification settings and they use mobile app
  • Don’t allow returning to old ways
  • Demand that they stick to agreed rules

Praise and feedback

  • Don’t forget to praise and give positive feedback
  • Ask for feedback, both successes and fails
  • What works and what does not work


Adjust as needed


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