Don’t use Teams wiki

#MicrosoftTeams includes a default wiki for each channel. What I do first is that I delete it as it is not yet production ready. I recommend using OneNote instead of Wiki.


Why I don’t recommend using Wiki?

– Wiki pages are only available in Teams. They are created in your own file library for SharePoint as Mht pages that do not appear to be useful outside the Teams

– Version history does not work and there is no recovery available. While ages are created in SharePoint with versions and history it is not that easy..

– If the Wiki tab is deleted it will be gone for good. No recycle bin.

– No offline use at the moment, OneNote provides that


There’s a lot of potential in the Wiki, once these features fixed.

– Easy to edit in teams

– Structures can be built quickly

– You can chat about Wikis

– Wiki is also faster to add content than OneNote Online


Wikis can also be created as  the modern pages in SharePoint if OneNote does not feel right for the job. They can be added as tabs to channels.


Do you use Teams’ Wiki? Want to share experiences?


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