Teams vs SharePoint link

How do you share file links in #MicrosoftTeams? What’s the difference when you choose to share a Teams or SharePoint -link and copy that link, for example, to another team or email? #TeamsTuesday


Teams-link starts with url pointing to teams microsoft com. Using Teams-link the file opens inside Teams.

This URL is usable when

  • You belong to that team where the file exists
  • Your Teams (or browser) opens in the right tenant on default..

Basically: it is only usable within the same Team, on it’s channel for example.

This also applies to ”paperclip”-feature as well: the file is displayed with Teams-link. I like to use the paperclip since it is better integrated into UI but just don’t share that link beyond your team.


SharePoint-link begins with URL pointing to your tenant and to SharePoint site. This will open the file in SharePoint using your default browser.

  • You can share this link outside of Teams on any channel (Yammer, skype, email, private chat, other team,..)
  •  User still needs access to the file: if you are using public teams you don’t have to worry about this inside your organization

When in doubt: share with SharePoint-link. Especially when sharing links outside your team channel SharePoint-link usually works better.


If you want more control: create the link from Document Library in SharePoint. To get there open … menu in team channel.


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