Surviving private chats

#MicrosoftTeams includes also private chats, not just #teamwork teams and channels. What are benefits of these? How do you #survive through private chats #TeamsTuesday


  1. You can favorite (star) or unfavorite chats with persons or groups
  2. Favorited chats can be rearranged in Teams: put most used chats on top
  3. Meeting chats can be favorited too. Did you had a meeting with good conversation and you don’t want to loose it? Favorite it so you can get back to it later.
  4. You can initiate a call from chat
  5. You can share files to chat, files go into your OneDrive4B
  6. You can add more people to group chat, and option to include all chat history for them to view to catch up
  7. You can mute chat to disable notifications (I use this very often!)
  8. You can leave a chat that no longer applies to you
  9. You can send a quick private chat message to persons or chat groups directly from Team’s search box: @-mention a person or group and type in your message without loosing a team focus


When private chats are useful

  • Part of the non-channel meeting
  • Topics that need to be out of team channels (classified, out of team topic)
  • Personal messaging (instead of Skype or WhatsApp)
  • A group of people that don’t form a natural team
  • Out of work topics, i.e. fun stuff


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