Companion mode in mobile app

If you open Teams app on your phone, while you have already joined the meeting on another device such as laptop, it will promote you to join the meeting in a Companion Mode. #TeamsTuesday #TeamsDay

In #CompanionMode you can bring more value into meeting:

  • You can share content from your phone directly onto meeting (photos or documents usually)
  • You can add a video feed, for example show the audience to offsite attendees. You can add video feed while there is a presentation going on.
  • You can take control of the presentation (when PowerPoint is uploaded to the meeting) using your mobile: thus you will be able to change slides using your phone – allowing you to walk away from your computer


Have you already tried Teams app Companion mode? How did you feel about it?

For me, it is a great addition and allows to break traditional online meeting boundaries when you add videos or stills from phone, or just be presenting without being tethered into keyboard. This is one more reason to always add Teams into meetings, even when they are done face 2 face.


Tip 2: did you noticed you can turn off incoming video in meetings? This is especially useful if you have a limited bandwidth in use.


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