How do drive organization to use Teams?

QuizTime! What are the best ways to drive in Teams or other new tools in your organization?

What needs to happen, before You and your colleagues change the way you work?

#TeamsDay #TeamsTuesday


Choose one or more and tell me in comments which of these hit you the most:

  • Trainings: Formal classroom or online training
  • Materials: Quick guides + Videos
  • Company Demand: CEO tells you to start using Teams
  • Company Demand: You boss or project manager tells you to start using Teams
  • Champions: Your colleague shows you tips and tricks (like Companion mode during a meeting)
  • Champions: Your colleague shares tips and tricks on company Yammer/discussion forum and does informal trainings
  • Personal interest: You see some LinkedIn TeamsTuesday or other Social Media content that gives you ideas how you could use that tool in your work
  • Personal interest: you learn the tools by yourself and see benefits personally.. And possibly you become a champion later
  • Something else: please comment


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