The Teams Journey goes on.

Thanks for joining me! I opened up this blog just today, but I have posted my earlier TeamsDay, TeamsTuesday and TeamsTorstai posts and articles here to make them more easier to find than from LinkedIn feed. There has been a lots of posts and some articles in Linked in since November 2017. Not all of … Continue reading The Teams Journey goes on.

Igniten j√§lkeen Teams on entist√§ vahvemmin ty√∂n k√§ytt√∂liittym√§

Microsoftin Ignite-konferenssi toi odotetusti paljon uudistuksia varmaan jokaiseen Microsoftin pilvituotteeseen. Maanantaina iltana Twitteriss√§ alkoi kiert√§m√§√§n Microsoftin¬†Ignite Book of News, johon oli koostettu Igniten uudistuksia 27 sivun verran. Siin√§ ei tietenk√§√§n ollut viel√§ edes kaikki, joten aika massiivisesta m√§√§r√§st√§ uutta tietoa on kyse. Microsoft Teams on Microsoftin nopeimmin k√§ytt√§j√§kuntaa kasvattanut liiketoimintasovellus. Koskaan. Nyt jo 329 000 … Continue reading Igniten j√§lkeen Teams on entist√§ vahvemmin ty√∂n k√§ytt√∂liittym√§

Some Ignite Teams news

A lots of new and upcoming features were announced to Microsoft Teams yesterday. Here is a one picture of what's happening next - and what already is available. Note: Have you started to plan how to migrate your organization from Skype for Business to Teams? If not - start it. It will take time before … Continue reading Some Ignite Teams news

Goodbye for Skype for Business Online!

Starting with smaller tenants (<500 seats) you cannot get a new Office 365 tenant with Skype in October! It is TeamsOnly!¬† Also, beginning in November some tenants (which ones - not certainity yet) with less than 500 seats will get a automatic migration offer from Microsoft. You can postpone the migration, but it is not … Continue reading Goodbye for Skype for Business Online!

Ignite uutisia

Ignite on menossa ja uutisia Teamsista on jo tullut esill√§. Uutispaljous voi olla h√§m√§√§v√§, joten nostan t√§h√§n muutamia jotka vaikuttavat arkik√§ytt√∂√∂n paljon; keskittyen nimenomaa Teamsiin Tiimien mallipohjat. Jatkossa n√§it√§ voi luoda rajapinnan kautta ja asetta kohdalleen v√§lilehtien ja kanavien lis√§ksi my√∂s sovelluksia, kanavia automaattisesti suosikeiksi ja asetuksia. Tiimit voi siis luoda tiettyyn malliin vaikkapa botin … Continue reading Ignite uutisia

Change is supported

Does your apps for work come with "Change is Supported"? As my work evolves and changes constantly, so does my teams and Teams. #TeamsDay #TeamsTuesday Teams is my interface to my WORK It contains my workspaces and communications, it is about people (groups, conversations, calls, meetings) and content that is connected to the context like … Continue reading Change is supported

Teamsin näppäinoikopolut haltuun

Tiesitk√∂, ett√§ Teamsissa on monia n√§pp√§inoikopolkuja joiden oppiminen s√§√§st√§√§ hiirik√§tt√§ ja helpottaa k√§ytt√∂√§? Itsell√§kin on n√§iss√§ oikopoluissa paljon petrattavaa, ett√§ niit√§ tulisi k√§ytetty√§ enemm√§n. Omaksumalla oikopolut "ytimeen" saa Teamsia k√§ytetty√§ kuitenkin paljon sujuvammin. CTRL + 1: avaa toimintasy√∂te CTRL + 2: avaa keskustelu CTRL + 3: avaa tiimit CTRL + 4: avaa kokoukset (kalenteri) CTRL … Continue reading Teamsin n√§pp√§inoikopolut haltuun

Internal email that belongs to Teams needs to get into Teams – not into my email box

When someone sends me internal email, that could have handled in either Teams channel or chat - I answer to them using Teams. Is this rude or driving the change? ūüôā I asked this similar question almost a year ago (more than 6-7 months ago anyhow) and I got interesting opinions. How about now? Has … Continue reading Internal email that belongs to Teams needs to get into Teams – not into my email box

My Teams experiences

I have been using Teams actively over 1.5 years. Why I love this tool? What are benefits for me in my daily work? #TeamsDay #TeamsTuesday   I love the way I can stay connected to my closest inner teams (easily, fluently) and yet I can work as easily with other people in other teams as … Continue reading My Teams experiences