Linkki tiimiin

Teams sai taas pienen p√§ivityksen, jolla on iso merkitys tiimien l√∂yt√§misess√§. Tiimin omistaja voi jakaa suoran URL-linkin tiimiin vaikka Yammerissa, intrassa tai .. s√§hk√∂postissakin. Jos tiimi on julkinen, voi jokainen halukas liitty√§ tiimiin suoraan tuon kautta. Yksityisiin tiimeihin voi pyyt√§√§ tuon kautta p√§√§sy√§, jolloin omistaja voi hyv√§ksy√§ heid√§t sis√§√§n. T√§m√§ avaa mahdollisuuksia viestitt√§√§ uusista tiimeist√§ … Continue reading Linkki tiimiin

Do you want to move ahead to TeamsOnly from SkypefBO?

Do you want to stop using SkypefB and switch to use only Teams? You could communicate with externals (federated users) and not care if they are using Skype or Teams. Can do! This was a hit for me immediately, because there is no more need to open the SkypefB app when someone sends me a … Continue reading Do you want to move ahead to TeamsOnly from SkypefBO?

TeamsOnly so far

What does it mean, when you have fully upgraded your Skype for Teams? How does it change your daily work? #TeamsTuesday #TeamsDay Last week I volunteered (requested!) to start testing #TeamsOnly mode. This means that I no longer use Skype for Business Online, but instead I use Teams as my sole communication tool, on top … Continue reading TeamsOnly so far