Control Teams noise with Channel Notifications

Channel Notifications is a feature in Teams, that lets your control per channel what kind of noise they are allowed to create (ie: should there be notifications / alerts). This feature is very useful to silence those teams/channels that you must be a member of, but where happens a lots of activity that doesn’t concern you at all.

Each channel has a … menu after it’s name. This applies to General-channel as well. Open the menu and you can click on Channel notifications.

Earlier the option ”All new posts” was known as ”Following a channel”. In case you have wondered it’s disappearance you can now turn it on (or off) via Channel notifications. And you have also option to choose if the notification is done with a banner or only pushed to a feed.

Before this change the option was the same for all Follows: either show them all in the Banner or in the feed. Now you can choose this per channel – allowing you to selected Banner option for most critical ones.

Looking at Channel mentions (when a channel name is @Mentioned ) you can now control how it shows in your Teams. Earlier this was done with hide/show only and using notification settings (banner or feed) that was the same for all channels.

I have found these new options very useful to mute some those channels that don’t affect my work, but when I need to

  • stay in the team due to documents or when I am occasionally needed
  • my work applies to only selected channels in the team but I want to know if some channels have got new messages there (not urgent): keeping them visible while turning notifications off I can see if they are bolded

If your Teams is causing too much noise, disruptions and breaking the concentration: mute unnecessary channels with this.

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