You can now turn off (or on) notifications on specific discussion threads!

Teams gets new little features all the time. The latest of those is one that has been long awaited. Ability to turn off notifications in a single discussion thread.

This feature seems to be still rolling out since there is some notifications despite the setting in the thread.

It is not once or twice when I have been participating in a long-running thread of conversation. I have written a single comment and rest of the discussion haven’t been that relevant to me since. Yet, I get notifications when people reply to the same thread. Now you can turn those notifications off. Control your Team’s noise!

However, you will be notified in case someone @Mentions you or reacts to your message in the thread. But at least I won’t be getting notifications when people reply to the thread..

And it is good to remember: in case you really need someones opinion: use @Mention.

I know I will be using this feature a lot. A true notification saver.

Turning on notifications

This feature also works on the other way around: turning on notifications on specific threads to follow the discussion. You don’t have to participate in the chat with a message, but you can do the following ”discreetly” with this feature.

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