Stream updates: You can soon find all your Teams meeting recordings in one location. Oh, and there is a overwrite and recycle bin for videos available.

Stream portal is getting a new feature that helps you to find meeting recordings easily. Prior this your best chances were to pin them to a channel as tab, pinning the meeting conversation, opening Team’s Streamspace, searching (if you remembered some details) or putting the favorite ones into a watch list.

You can soon find your videos in Stream portal by going to My Content -Meetings. Or just going directly into a URL

I can see this feature in my first release tenant.

Replace (overwrite) a video

You can also overwrite / replace video with a new version. This is especially useful for training videos to include updated version without creating multiple versions..

Restore deleted videos

Did you notice recycle bin has appeared (or is appearing) into Stream? When you delete a video you get a notification:

Once video is deleted it can be found in the recycle bin, which you can access via ”My content”-menu in Stream. I an see this in our production tenant as well. When you restore the video it goes to it’s original location with permissions that were set before deletion.


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