Teams Meetings: video spotlight (pin a meeting participant)

This new feature in Teams is easily overlooked, since it only shows next to attendees in a meeting: the ability to pin/spotlight a person’s video feed into screen. When you use this, you can ”focus/spotlight” on specific person’s video – and it doesn’t matter who is talking. This is very useful in all hands / town hall meetings when you want the main camera to be visible.

Every person’s name is followed by the magic … menu that opens two actions: Mute or Pin participant.

When a participant is pinned to screen you can choose to Unpin or Fit to frame. The latter shows the actual video, not a cropped version.

Overall, while this is a ”small” feature it is most useful – especially when you are showing your meeting on larger screen. This doesn’t do the pinning to other persons, this is purely affecting your personal view.


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