Teams Meetings: Organizers, presenters and attendees are out!

If you have had a Teams meeting today, you may have noticed that you can now do changes who can present in Teams meetings!

I tested these in a scheduled meeting, meet now and in a channel meeting. All meetings work in the same way -> whoever is scheduling or starting the meeting is the Organizer. Organizer is a special role presenter that cannot be changed during the meeting nor anyone else can take it away. They are always in charge and can change who is a presenter or attendee.

Presenters can do all that we have done in Teams meetings: they can share content, admit people in from a lobby, manage recording, mute or remove people from meetings. Presenters can mute the organizer, but there is no “remove participant” available. Organizer is the one who decides when it is a good moment to leave.

Attendees can enjoy the show, turn video on/off, mute or unmute themselves and use the Pin-option to choose the content they want to view the most. What is good is that attendees cannot anymore take over the sharing and facilitation of the meetings is left to presenters.

The Attendee

Attendees have some options that are not available for them:

When looking at the meeting bar the share control is disabled. Also if you open the … menu you can see the recording is disabled but you can turn off incoming videos.

Attendees cannot mute others – they can only pin them.

The Presenter

They have more control. They can control the attendees as before – with the exception that there is the new function to promote a attendee to presenter or make a presenter to attendee.

However, the exception is the organizer. If organizer wouldn’t have been muted already there would be a option to mute him. However you cannot demote a organizer to attendee nor you can remove him from the meeting.

Since I was testing this on a single computer I turned off my audios for most of the time. Organizer can choose to mute himself – but I don’t think that was never the question.

The Organizer

Organizers can do all that presenters do. However, they can also do some changes when they are scheduling the meeting using meeting options.

Clicking Meeting options takes you to a web page (make sure your browser is authenticated to the same domain or you get a fail!) where the possibly familiar dialog has gotten a extra funtion:

From the “Who can present” dropdown you can preselect who are joining as attendees or who are organizers:

When you are done, click save and you are done.

I am still waiting for one more option to this one: attendees join muted. It would also be good that presenters could control if attendees can unmute themselves: a kind of master switch during the meeting (say, a townhall or announcement) and then allowing the unmute for Q&A section.

29 thoughts on “Teams Meetings: Organizers, presenters and attendees are out!

    1. Hi! I haven’t found any way to set default options so far. So you need to do this for each meeting that require more control. How often you have large meetings that would benefit from this? Many times a day? Daily? Weekly?


  1. Can you have more than one organizer? If I’m the organizer can I add for example my colleague as an organizer too?


    1. Unfortunately there can be only one organizer currently. So you can’t add a second organizer. You can only control if others are presenters or attendees.


  2. Here’s a scenario that would definitely help in my line of work (recruitment) or maybe there is such an option already. Is there a possibility for me to organize a meeting and not participate in it? We organize tons of meetings for our client (outside company) and their candidates and it would be amazing if we could organize videoconference interviews for them directly instead of asking them to deliver the link and we cannot participate in those as a third party…


    1. You don’t have to participate in the meeting even if you schedule it. In your scenario it would be good to create the meeting using your client tenant’s identity (perhaps you could have an account in there) since only a member of the hosting organization can start the recording (if that is needed). If you create the meeting (& the link to it) you can of course attend it but that can be managed with contracts that you don’t.

      Another, a bit of work/development requiring, is to create an app that does the meeting scheduling instead of a person.

      The most simple way would be to have an account to each client’s tenant that would allow you to organize a meeting in that tenant directly and invite all those parties in. That way your home tenant accounts are not included in the process.


      1. Thanks a lot for the quick reply! Makes sense, hopefully will manage to get that sorted like that somehow…


      2. As you said, Even if i schedule a meeting, i dont have to participate it ,right? But i would be the organisor when i schedule it. so when presenters and other atendees join the meeting, who will allow them to join? i think only organisor is in charge for that. I am also a person who would like to schedule meetings for my boss without me joining. So I wonder if it works out that I just scchedulen it and wont join that. Thank you in advance.


  3. I am doing POC with Microsoft Teams. I created users under my azure AD. I created meeting on behalf of user by calling onlineMeetings API in my code and getting the response. I am getting only join url not start url. I need to start the Teams meeting from the flutter app (without asking the user to enter the credentials). How can I start teams meeting using user access token. Please help.


  4. IS there a way to remove someone from a re-occurring meeting so they cannot view existing and new chat, files etc that are part of the series of meetings?


    1. Unfortunately no to regular meetings. However, if you do that meeting as a Channel meeting then the content (chat,files etc) visibility is connected to team membership. Once you remove that person from that team the access to chat and files is lost.


  5. Hi Vesa, I have organised a MT Meeting however will not be in attendance. The meeting needs recording by my step-in. how do we achieve this please?


    1. Anyone from your organization (they have account in your tenant) with presenter permissions can start the recording. So if you can’t attend the meeting then you need to find someone else from your organization to press the start recording button.

      Remember that you can also start the recording using your mobile Teams as well. If you join the meeting when you are signed into your organization tenant you can easily start the recording via Mobile Teams and then leave to attend other matters. You don’t have to say in the meeting for recording to work. The recording will stop automatically once everyone has left the meeting.


  6. How can we have a team meeting each day where different people in the meeting can take attendance since we have to take turns even though we have only one organizer that can download a list? Seems only Organizers can download the list. Are other type of participants able to download the list of attendees?


    1. Only meeting organizers (the person who created the meeting) can download the attendees list. Currently the organizer have to do it during the meeting but attendee report improvements are in the (near) roadmap. It should allow download of the report after the meeting as well (no info can others but organizer do the download).
      They seem to improving this feature a piece by piece.


  7. Someone asked if it is possible to change organizers after the meeting has started, but can you change organizers at any other time after a meeting has ended?


  8. Hi! Can I organise a meeting and then not join it? I’m a PA, so I organise tons of meetings for my boss, but I don’t need to be present on them. But my boss and other participants should be able to start the meeting and have it, without me present. Is it possible? there is no need to record the meeting, just start it.
    I organise a meeting from my calendar and then send it out to other participants. And they need to be able to start and have it without me. Is it possible?
    There was one today and I got a call from the participants that they all are waiting in the “lobby” and can’t start a meeting without me. Meaning without me starting it from my computer/mobile phone.
    How can this situation be avoided?


    1. It is possible to start meetings without you having to be there to approve people in.
      There are two places that define lobby settings: one is Teams Admin Center where the organization Admin defines settings for starting the meeting and lobby controls at the high level.
      Depending on those high-level settings a meeting organizer (you in this case) can send out the invitation and then open Meeting Options-section in the Teams meeting you just sent out and select Lobby settings so that everyone can get in and they don’t have to wait in a Lobby. If that option is not available (no lobby) then you need to talk with your Admin to change settings at Teams Admin Center.
      There are also Admin center settings like “can anonymous start a meeting” that should be checked by your Teams/IT Admin that guests can start a meeting without waiting in a lobby.


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