Sharing a teams conversations using Outlook

A new feature recently rolled out to Teams. You can now choose to share a Teams conversation using Outlook. The feature is found via message’s … (three dots, ellipses) menu. This shares the message and all it’s replies.

Then the Outlook-style window will open up. You can add your comments, do editing of message etc. Just like you’d expect.

You can also do some settings on the top (with dark theme they show up really badly – but it is real life. If you intent to use this a lot it is easier to use light mode. You can for example attach more files into the message.

Or you can do other settings as well. If you have a sensitivity labels configured you can set them as well.

For the text itself.. You can turn on/off the lights for easier editing. The dark theme is not relayed to the recipient.

Once you are ready you can send the message. For the recipient it looks like this:

Why and when

This feature wouldn’t have been added to Teams unless there is a need for that. In case you need to share some information to recipients who are not in a team – or, let’s face it, are Outlook/mail oriented – this makes it really easy. It could be that you are working on information that you need to share with your customer. Overall I welcome also this integration to Teams. It it is better than copy paste.

However, with great power comes a great responsibility. You can now very easily share information off Teams using email to anyone. It is very important to get sensitivity labels to those teams that contain sensitive information. Data Loss Policies should also be applied.

After these warnings, it is good notice that since all channel message replies also shared this is a very easy – out of the box way – to copy off a one discussion thread and store it to some other location (OneNote for example) or even send it to another team.

It is also good to note that you can also share chat messages to Outlook.

It is good to note that this include the link to the team but it does not allow replying directly into a Team from the email message.

I didn’t find any way to turn off this feature. At least not yet.

4 thoughts on “Sharing a teams conversations using Outlook

  1. For me, it looks exactly the same in Teams, but it only exports the current message and never the entire conversation. Am I doing it wrong?


  2. Does not send the entire conversation for me either, just the current message I select to send.


    1. When I just tested this (running a general release environment) I got all three replies included to the original post in my Outlook when I did Share to Outlook from Teams.


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