How to zoom into a shared screen contents in Teams meeting

We’ve all been in those meetings – and most likely have done the same error ourselves as well. At least I have. Someone is sharing their screen but their resolution is much higher than yours – you see the content but it is hard to read, especially when you are demoing. I have been trying to remember to zoom in my browsers/apps so that the attendees can see what I show.

Did you know you can zoom into shared content in Teams? There aren’t any visible controls to do this but the magic is there.

Zoom into content by pressing Control-key and using your mouse scroll wheel.

And when you have zoomed in, you can pan your screen.

Pan the screen holding mouse left button down and moving the mouse. Or if you have a touch screen just pan the screen with one finger.

When you don’t want to zoom in anymore, just press Control down and use mouse scroll wheel to zoom out.

And as you notice, only the meeting content area is zoomed – not the whole Teams as would happen outside the meeting.


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